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CPC ▓Central Co

n today's Chinese enterprises. They say profits are just one aspect of business and what is more valuable and respected is how to be a socially responsible enterprise. "The environment inv

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olves me", was the slogan▓ for this year's ceremony of the China Environment Prize. This is China's highest profile environmental protection award. Enterprise▓s gathering at the event expr

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essed their "green promise" with a collective gesture by attaching a green paper leaf to a model of a tree. This is not merely a gesture. Environmental protection has been put into pra▓ct

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ice at these enterprises. Huadian Group, one of China's l▓argest electricity providers, won the biggest prize by saving a million tons of coal a year through innovation. This greatly contri

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buted to energy saving and pollution reduction. They say environmental pr▓otection is now an integral part of the company.Deng Jianling, VP of China Huadian Corporation said "Although ▓e

nvironmental protection

  • does increase our costs, in the long term it will benefit both the country and the company. We do not think envir▓onmental protection is a burden. In contrast, it is a necessary condition for our enterprise to ach

    • ping Theory
  • ieve further development in the future. "Enterprises at the event are also calling for more efforts to shift their economic growth model, and achieve more sustainable economic de▓velopment by using sound scientific

    • and the im
  • methods.Li Shiming, Director of Environment Protection Depar▓tment of Shendong Coal Co. said "I hope all the enterprises can make use of their ow▓n advantage, and actively learn from others' experien▓ces and techn

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ologies. I hope we will all progress ▓in environmental protection."The China Environmental Prize has been held for five years to encourage environmental protection efforts in the country. Now protectin

y the scientific approach to the eco

g the environment has become a fundamental▓ government policy in China. How to shift from an energy consuming model to a more sustainable one is considered

  • crucial for the country's economic development.By Xinhua writer Wu Qi BEIJING, Dec. 6 (Xinhua) -- Tang Keshu▓ai has been down in the dumps for months, ever since he began to ▓feel the pin


    of a constrictive money supply since mid▓

    March. Tang, manager of Langyu Plastic and Rubber Co. Ltd., a plastic and rubber product producer based in east China's Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, used to sett▓le his accounts with raw mat


    ial suppliers once every four months, on the

    traditional Chinese lunar festivals of Dragon Boat, Mid Autumn and Spring Festival respectively. But the rule was changed in mid March when raw material suppliers as▓ked for accounts to


    settled once each month. The ▓change was n

  • ot a good one. The original four-month span allowed Tang to have sufficient active m▓oney in his capital chain. Capital pressure from upstream was one part of the story. Tang receive▓d small


    orders over the past months. In the first t

    hree quarters, Tang's company had only 3 million yuan (439,090 U.S. dollars) sales turnover, compared with 20 million yuan in 2007. Tang had to dismiss 30 out of the 50 staff workers in


    gust and transferred most orders to other

    plants, in order to lower production costs by 10 percent. Tang was amazed to find it hard to transfer the orders. "I felt▓ curious in the beginning why it was hard to seek processors, since


    rders became fewer on the market," said Ta

nomic and

social development, they united as one with i

ng. Longgang Town, home t▓o Tang's company, currently has only about 100 plants of his type, while there were about 600 such plants a year ago. In early June, Tang's company had almost exhausted its supply of

e spirit to figh

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